Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oswald Lightweight Subframe

Today was quite productive as I also installed my Oswald Lightweight Subframe.
It weighs 10 lbs vs. the stock 24 lbs and is MUCH stronger. After taking off the hulking stock subframe it was already twisting and bending in my hands!
Install went butter smooth. Every bolt hole lined up perfectly and with the addition of the undertray mount kit, the splash guard went on flawlessly. I was even surprised that all the plastic clips lined up on the fender liner! Driving it on the street was a similar experience as the rear triangle brace. Front end felt slightly more athletic and took bumps a bit better. Steering also felt tighter. But as with the rear brace, I won't be able to tell the true difference until I hit up the track.

Maintenance remaining: 
- Clean air filter & MAF
- Change spark plugs (LFR6A-11)
- Lube squeaky rear swaybar bushings
- Alignment (haven't decided specs yet)

Mods remaining: 
- Front & rear Oswald bumper beams
- Roo brake ducts & hose routing
- Whiteline roll center kit

Before track: 
- Install KFP front pads before track
- Check track wheel fitment
- Check harness fitment with V9 seats
- Detail car then vinyl

 Two weeks left to shakedown on April 29th... I think I can make it.

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