Monday, April 9, 2012

Oswald Rear Triangle Brace

Installed the Oswald Performance Rear Triangle Brace over the weekend. Installation was pretty straight forward. Remove the back seats, loosen the seatbelt pre-tensioners, drop the strut brace supports in, attach the lower support bracket and bolt in the triangle brace. The only trouble I had was mounting the RH strut tower brace as I had a wire harness in the way, but some twisting and fiddling and it went on fine. Everything else fit perfectly!
The fit and finish of this piece is really top notch. I can't believe how sturdy this thing feels when bolted to the car. It feels like you could use it as a jacking point (although I wouldn't try). Off the car the brace couldn't have weighed more than 3-4 lbs. Well worth it over the Litespeed X-Brace cables I had before, which required tightening every so often!
I haven't really been able to test it on the street, but so far bumps seem to be less harsh than they used to. A similar feeling to when I installed the TiC Fender Cowl Braces, but in the rear instead. Definitely a good thing. Can't wait to try it at the track :)

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