Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Porsche GT-3 Brake Ducts

I've looked into the Roo Ducts but on the 06+ WRX/STI they put the washer jug in the fender area which completely blocks the potential to run a hose (see attached). I could revert to an 05 style jug in the engine bay but that would require deleting the air pump at a minimum, which would then be +PIPs if I decide to do OTA. Anwyay, I've asked Randy to find a solution for me as I'm sure he's run into this before. I think the Prova brake ducts will work but they need some airflow directed towards them (see attached photos). Jacopo mentioned he uses these on his STI at the Nurburgring and has no more fading issues. Even Porsche uses a similar style OEM brake duct on their GT-3:
TMP on April 29th with Touge.ca is my scheduled "shakedown" date to test everything out and heat cycle the slicks I bought. I'm also trying to schedule a bit of personal coaching that day too... The Stoptech kit actually keeps the stock brake bias, it's the KFP pads which shift the bias slightly forward because they have a higher mu (0.47) than the DS2500 pads in the rear (0.40). It's not that big of a difference though, and if I wanted to adjust it I could probably just get a more aggressive pad in the rear.

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