Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Update

It really upsets me to say this but I'm going to have to bail on my annual stretch goal of achieving 200,000 VPP's. I was actually on pace to achieve this (currently sitting on 150,000 VPP's) however due to some circumstances surrounding my health it no longer makes sense to pursue.

Back in September I injured my rotator cuff playing badminton. I haven't played in 3 months and have replaced all that down time with grinding big blinds. But in doing so, I've actually exacerbated the condition in my shoulder and the pain is just too overwhelming now. It might have to do with my new battlestation setup. The lack of arm rest on the saddle chair was forcing my shoulder to sustain increased static loads.

The muscle I injured is the Subscapularis

Currently I've been receiving physiotherapy and acupuncture weekly. I'm also doing exercises to strengthen it daily. It's slowly recovering now. But with no badminton or poker I'm going to have to find something to do with my spare time until I'm back to 100%.

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