Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Goals Review

I only ended up reading about 2/3 of Janda's book. This isn't a book you can just pick up and read. Your mind has to be in study mode and I was finding it difficult to read some days after a long day of work. That being said, it's definitely changing my game for the better. I want to not only finish reading the book this month, but re-read all the summary sections and create my own set of notes to study from later.
  • Sign up for Run It Once elite membership and review all of Ben Sulsky's videos on GTO play (and also contribute more in the forums) [Pass]
This goal was met. I have a set of notes that I've taken from all of Ben's videos. The next step is to study them each day until they are internalized.
  • Review my Holdem Manager database for Q4 of 2013 (140k hands) and identify my biggest leaks (spoiler: it's playing from the blinds) [Pass]
I made a dramatic change to my blinds play this month after watching Sean Lefort's RIO videos on playing from the blinds. He advocates a tighter linear 3-betting strategy from the SB and a looser defending strategy from the BB. I didn't play enough hands this month to obtain a significant sample on this change in strategy, but it just feels better overall. My non-showdown winnings line has also seen an improvement, although I'm not sure if it's purely coming from my blinds play or just getting better at poker overall.
  • Use what I've learned from all of the above to construct a more balanced strategy against stronger players [Conditional Pass]
I started constructing some of my pre-flop ranges. I'm finished with single raised pots from most positions except for BTN and BB. This month I will have to work on finishing this. I think a future goal would be to revise these for playing against short stackers who open raise to 2.5BB and 4-bet shove for 40BB, as the math changes significantly.
  • Reduce the # of tables from 4 to 2 so that I can step away from auto-piloting and force myself to think clearly about each decision [Pass]
I stuck with playing less tables for the first half of January and, combined with the videos I made, it had quite a positive effect on my game. I have to say that I cheated on this goal towards the end of January to try and reach PlatinumStar. But I don't feel too bad about it. I was getting a little tired of studying and I had a huge itch to just play a ton of hands. Moving forward, I need to let myself do what I'm motivated to do in the moment. I think more progress will be made in the long run this way rather than sticking 100% to a rigid goal structure.
  • Bonus Goal: reach PlatinumStar VIP status [Pass]

Some statistics:
  • Played a total of 23,062 hands with a winrate of 3.47 bb/100 excluding bonuses
  • Played 1,977 minutes and earned 7,371 VPP's (promotional VPP's got me to PlatinumStar)
  • Produced 3 videos where I analyzed my own play
  • Spent 40+ hours working on my game away from the table (videos, books, studying, etc.)
  • Fix my wrist [Pass]
My wrist feels a LOT better this month. In fact, this is the best its felt since before I injured it. It's not 100% better yet, but I'd rate it at about 90%. I'm stoked that the all of the counter-measures implemented (physiotherapy, stretching, exercises, wrist widget, and ergonomic vertical mouse) had such a dramatic impact on the improvement of my condition.

Overall I would consider January to be a success. 

I'm motivated to do more of the same this February: a mix of studying and grinding for poker, and bringing my wrist back to 100%. But before that, I'm heading out to Killington, Vermont tomorrow to enjoy a weekend of snowboarding with friends. It's about time for a break!

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