Thursday, September 26, 2013

[9/22/2013] CSCS #5 (TMP)

Event: Canadian Sport Compact Series #5 (Season Finale)
Track: Toronto Motorsports Park, Cayuga
Weather Conditions: 9-13°C Overcast

Final event of the season and I only needed to finish top 5 to claim the overall title. But even that was proving to be quite difficult as the track was very cold and my tires were giving me attitude all day long.

I spun out 3 times in the morning practice and had a few other nasty power slide moments. I just couldn't get the car doing what I wanted. Can-Jam replaced the stock R180 rear diff with a Cusco one, so there was less wheel spin coming out of the corners now. An amazing improvement in exit acceleration, but with my tires acting up, it was tough to put down a good lap time.

Photo Credit: Charles Spivak

Perhaps I could have adjusted the rear wing's angle of attack to provide some more rear downforce or play around some more with the DCCD bias. Too late now though. The best time I could put down during qualifying was an atrocious 1:23.95, far from the 1:18's everyone else was doing in my class.

Time Attack

I bumped up all 4 tire pressures by 2 psi and hoped for the best.

Time Attack Lap Times:
Hot Lap 1 - 1:27.22
Hot Lap 2 - 1:21.70
Hot Lap 3 - 1:19.85

1.4 seconds off pace vs. Round 4

Final result was a 4th place finish with a 1:19.850. Not terrible, but far from my A-game. I was off pace in nearly every corner. Because I had no idea how the new tire pressures would react, I treated the first 2 laps with extreme caution to prevent a DNF. Although my times were dropping quickly after hot lap #2, I felt I could be in the 18's no problem if I had one more lap...

Can-Jam builds fast cars!

My class record was smashed with a 1:16.155 by Scott Murfin driving another Can-Jam prepped time attack STI.

I may have lost the battle today. But a 4th place finish scored me enough points to claim the SSAWD Championship. Proof that persistence and consistency can pay dividends in the long run.

Final SSAWD Point Standings

Overall this was a crazy season for me. Lots of ups and downs. But the end result was worth it. I would like to extend a huge thanks to all the people who supported me on and off the track: My pit crew: Ryan, Francis, Stephen, and Jordan. My sponsors: Can-Jam Motorsports and Touge Tuning. And everyone else for the moral support (you know who you are).

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