Friday, August 17, 2012

[8/17/2012] HANSON School (DDT)

Event: HANSON International Driving School
Track: Mosport DDT (CCW 1 kink), Bowmanville
Weather Conditions: 23°C Sunny

My first time running this track configuration was at CSCS #3 earlier this year. I wasn't happy with my performance there especially with the uphill section of the track. I wanted another chance to practice this layout before the season was over so I called up Peter Hanson at the HANSON driving school and begged him to run the same layout. He agreed to run it for me. I was stoked!

Lots of Subys showed up this time (some missed the photoshoot sorry)!

I was placed in the advanced group and allowed to run without an instructor. But I actually wanted an instructor, as that would defeat the purpose of the school. So I requested one, and Peter said he would come out with me after he took care of some stuff.

In the mean time, I tried my hand out at the skid pad. Last year the only way I could get my car to oversteer was to do the Scandinavian flick. But I only remembered this after my first failed attempt:

I might not be ready for DMCC but hey it's an improvement over last year lol. I only did 4 runs because these tires need to last me two more time attacks!

Now it was time for the second advanced lapping session of the day with Peter as my coach. Here's the vid:

I must've impressed Peter with my driving because after our run he invited me to become an instructor! I was totally honoured and this pretty much made my day :D I told him I would think about it because I know there is a lot of responsibility behind being an instructor and I want to make sure that I'm ready before accepting such a position.

The classroom portion with Derek Hanson was eye opening to say the least. Some of the important tid bits I picked up were:

  • Too many people concentrate on the exit of a corner. But the entry of a corner is what separates the good with the best. Shallower entries allow for higher entry speeds.
  • Sacrificing linked turns is a misconception. The extra speed gained from taking a shallow entry will make up for the extra exit speed gained by "sacrificing" the first corner for a better exit on the second. You also travel less total distance by not swinging wide. The shallow entry also happens to have the largest radius.

At least that's what my interpretation of his rambling was :p CSCS #4 at TMP on Sunday would be a great place to practice shallower corner entry since some of the turns there are linked.

There was some discussion of the bucking issue I've been having as well. I was trying out a softer rear swaybar setting but it didn't seem to do anything towards the bucking. Although I think the overall amount of tri-podding has been reduced. Here's a GoPro view of the inside rear:

Some of the instructors, including Derek, were watching me on the track. Their comment was that visually they could see the car pitching back and forth. Derek is convinced that it's the center differential "vacillating" as it hunts for the proper torque split. But from my understanding it's locked at 50/50 on the WRX. Although going back to that one ride in Kwan's STI we did hear and feel the wonders of the Auto DCCD working through all the turns I struggled in. Another instructor said I should just buy a Porsche

Peter had previously mentioned improperly matched front and rear springs. That could be it too. And the fact that my dampers are underdamped would cause the car to bounce around as well.

I'm a bit sick of theorizing and chasing my tail with this issue. I could have all the horsepower in the world but if my car still handled like this through corners I wouldn't be happy with it. I think at this point I know I need better dampers so I should just get them first and go from there.

In the end, it was a great day hanging out with friends; some old and some new. And with no real drama other than my EZ-UP tent breaking from the wind lol

Ninja edit: I forgot to post my lap times!

Best lap times per session
Session 1 - 1:02.51
Session 2 - 1:02.54
Session 3 - 1:02.98
Session 4 - 1:02.09
Session 5 - 1:03.03

My best lap time from CSCS #3 was 1:03.31. Amazing how much of a difference improving that one section of the uphill made. Looks like I'll be able to sleep at night again :)

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