Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oswald Lightweight Subframe & Rear Triangle Brace

On the topic of improving the chassis this year ... these showed up today :)

I can't believe how light both of these pieces are! I can pick them up with 2 fingers yet they feel so incredibly stiff and well built. The subframe should drop 14 lbs off the front end and stiffen things up nicely and I already know just how good the rear triangle brace will be from the Litespeed cable version I had previously. Come on Spring, stop teasing and reveal yourself already!

Thanks Mickey @ Oswald Performance for hooking me up! I want to wait until I at least put my summer rubber on before I give these pieces the review that they deserve... plus I have a few 'extras' which haven't arrived yet ;)

I believe Touge Tuning carries this piece now, for anyone else interested. Chris, I wish you had told me you were going to carry these before I went out and bought them on my own :P

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