Monday, September 12, 2011

Prova Replica Brake Ducts

Got these a while back from a really nice Italian dude named Jacopo. They're made out of aluminum, unlike the real Prova ones which are CF. But they're very lightweight and slightly malleable unlike CF which can shatter. Also a fraction of the cost.
Today I finally installed them on my car, along with removal of my modified dust shields and the front "mudflap" trim piece on the plastic wheel guard to allow for more airflow.

Prova replica brake duct:
Front mudflap removed:
Frontal view:
And some super ghetto wind tunnel testing to verify airflow: I have a feeling that removing my front lip would increase airflow to the ducts even more, but it's work I don't want to do unless I absolutely have to. SRTA #5 is this Sunday, so it should be a decent opportunity to test their effectiveness.

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